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Go-n-Play Pathway

Go-n-Play Pathway:


Infants are so fascinated by the environment around them which makes every moment in the classroom a learning experience. Our teachers strive daily to give them a safe and fun environment where they can play and learn as the grow. Our infant curriculum is more than "activities" - we incorporate interactions, relationships, care giving, routines, transitions, and much more.


We understand that curious, independent toddlers are growing rapidly and need a safe environment that supports their development. Toddlers begin to participate in structured activities that are designed to encourage the development of their fine and gross motor skills, listening and speaking skills, and early literacy skills - all through hands - on exploration and PLAY!

Early Preschool – The Wanderers

In our early preschool class, your active wanderer will participate in engaging experiences and environments that support the development of their brain, body and social-emotional skills.​ Our curriculum is designed to provide the structure and support your child needs during this important transition from toddlerhood to preschool.


Preschool 1 – The Explorers

The preschool years are a time of great creativity and social growth. At Go-n-Play, The Explorers learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to support their development and growth– and make learning fun! In class, you can find a variety of learning centers, encouraging children to be creative and have fun while working in small groups. Our learning centers promote cooperation and allow children to make decisions about how they'd like to learn and play.

Preschool 2 – Rising Stars

We strive to prepare each child for a successful learning experience both academically and socially.  Our curriculum is designed to maximize your child’s learning in a fun environment. At Go-n-Play, our Rising Stars will learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to support their development and growth.

School Readiness – Little Scholars

Our curriculum is focused on giving your child a solid foundation in the academic skills needed for Kindergarten and beyond. Little Scholars will love all the planned, fun experiences in language, math, science, social studies, music and art – and so much more!

At Go-n-Play, we understand that every child is unique, and education is not a one size fits all experience. Our Go-n-Play Pathway is tailored to set your child on his or her most fitting path so they can learn, grow, build self-esteem, and develop their imagination.

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