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We understand that curious, independent toddlers are growing rapidly and need a safe environment that supports their development. Toddlers begin to participate in structured activities that are designed to encourage the development of their fine and gross motor skills, listening and speaking skills, and early literacy skills - all through hands - on exploration and PLAY!

Inside Your Child's Day

  • Circle time to establish small group learning experiences. During this time we count, sing the alphabet, work on number recognition, work on letter recognition, work on shape recognition, work on color recognition. These are just an example of the learning activities throughout the year.

  • We continue with music and movement, following directions, building relationships, critical thinking, sensory experiences and outside time.

  • Each week we have a new theme for the children to learn, discover and explore through arts and crafts.

  • Assessments to track your child’s academic development toward kindergarten readiness.

Toddler Goals

1. Social-Emotional Development

  • Becomes more aware of own body
  • Attempts independence

  • Shows interest/responds to other children


2. Physical Development

  • Gains mobility, ability to move from place to place with flexibility and balance

  • Coordinates hand/eye movements, controls small objects


3. Cognitive Development

  • Stays attentive for more time

  • Recognizes cause/effect relationships

  • Shows interest/curiosity/eagerness in exploring


4. Language Development

  • Learns/uses new words to label things

  • Uses some signs, words, gestures to communicate

  • Enjoys songs, rhymes; plays with sounds

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