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Early Preschool- The Wanderers

In our early preschool class, your active two year-old will participate in engaging experiences and environments that support the development of their brain, body and social-emotional skills.

Our curriculum is designed to provide the structure and support your child needs during this important transition from toddlerhood to preschool.

Inside Your Child's Day

  • Circle time where the children learn the pledge of allegiance, talk about the day’s weather, the calendar, and what we will be doing for the day. During this time we count, sing the alphabet, work on number recognition, work on letter recognition, work on shape recognition, work on color recognition. These are just an example of the learning activities throughout the year.

  • We continue with basic concepts, color matching/sorting, music and movement, following directions, critical thinking and outside time.

  • Each week we have a new theme for the children to learn, discover and explore through arts and crafts.

  • Assessments to track your child’s academic development toward kindergarten readiness.

Early Preschool Goals

1. Social-Emotional Development

  • Recognizes feelings of others; tries to comfort others
  • Shows awareness of some characteristics and things they can do

  • Learns social skills/words for expressing feelings/needs/wants


2. Physical Development

  • Moves body to travel with increased flexibility and balance

  • Coordinates body movements to interact with surroundings


3. Cognitive Development

  • Tries several strategies to solve problems

  • Ask questions

  • Recalls information in new situations


4. Language Development

  • Participates in two-way conversations

  • Imitates writing; experiments with writing tools

  • Uses new words for objects/actions, for describing

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