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School Ready

We strive to prepare each child for a successful kindergarten experience both academically and socially.  Our curriculum is designed to maximize your child’s learning in a fun environment. At Go-n-Play, our school ready class will learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to support their development and growth.

Inside Your Child's Day

  • Circle time where the children learn the pledge of allegiance, talk about the day’s weather, the calendar, and what we will be doing for the day. During this time we count 1-100, work on number recognition, learn to graph, start on vowels, phonics, and positional understanding just to name a few of the activities to prepare students for kindergarten. These are just an example of the learning activities throughout the year.

  • We continue with AB patterning, sight words, picture patterning, word families, writing, and math, such as tally marks and addition.

  • Each week we have a new theme for the children to learn, discover and explore through arts and crafts.

  • Assessments to track your child’s academic development toward kindergarten readiness.

School Ready Goals

1. Social-Emotional Development

  • Shows confidence in abilities, interest/respect for work of others

  • Manages behavior, shows age appropriate self regulation

  • Expresses preferences/opinions; makes choices


2. Physical Development

  • Coordinates body movements to accomplish a goal


3. Cognitive Development

  • Gathers information/asks complex questions to understand a concept

  • Cause and effect reasoning

  • Shows creativity in play


4. Language Development

  • Follows multi-step directions

  • Creates complex sentences using some correct grammar

  • Associates sounds with letters/words.

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