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​Infants are so fascinated by the environment around them which makes every moment in the classroom a learning experience. Our teachers strive daily to give them a safe and fun environment where they can play and learn as the grow. Our infant curriculum is more than "activities" - we incorporate interactions, relationships, care giving, routines, transitions, and much more

Inside Your Baby's Day

  • Your baby’s teacher holds, rocks, sings to, smiles at, and explores the world with your infant

  • Tummy time for muscle development

  • Individual and small group experiences, so your baby can explore and learn from others

  • Time outside to connect with nature

Infant Goals

1. Social-Emotional Development

  • Develops awareness of self as separate from others
  • Responds differently to familiar/unfamiliar adults

  • Expresses emotions related to basic needs


2. Physical Development

  • Uses hands/feet to make contact with mouth, etc.

  • Begins to coordinate body movements (reaches, rolls, etc.)

  • Begins to gain mobility, balance, control of body


3. Cognitive Development

  • Watches objects, looks for ways to interact with them

  • Uses senses to explore environment

  • Pays attention to people/objects/sounds


4. Language Development

  • Listens, watches, and responds to language

  • Uses sounds, gestures, signs to express needs and wants

  • Shows interest in songs, rhymes, stories.

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